Since a very young age, I’ve enjoyed reading, hearing and telling short stories. Indian literature is rich with a large collection of short stories aimed at instructing as well as entertaining young children. When I was a child, my mom would tell me stories all the time, while feeding me, at bedtime, whenever I was bored … and as I grew a bit older, we were steadily introduced to chandamama, tinkle, panchatantra, jataka tales and amar chitra katha books.

When my own children were born, I tried to remember as many stories as I could but was able to recollect only a few of the vast number of stories I’d consumed over 20 years ago. Especially since I wanted to be able to tell the stories in Telugu – we live in the US and it is very difficult to hang on to the tenuous connection with our mother tongue.

This blog is an attempt to recapture as many of those stories as I can. These are not original stories – rather, as the title suggests, it is a compilation of pitta kathalu, burra kathalu, neeti kathalu (short stories, fables and moral stories).

I welcome suggestions – if you have stories you remember from your childhood, please forward them on to me, and I will credit you for the ideas on the post.

One of my readers most helpfully commented that there are several spelling mistakes on this site. I sincerely appreciate the feedback. As someone with no formal telugu education, I constantly struggle with spellings. If you spot any mistakes, please send me a comment and I will fix it.

Thanks for helping me make this blog so successful.

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  1. chala bagundi anthekaka veetini pdf lo kuda unchadi, ippudu elanti story books dorakatam letdu

  2. http://kottapalli.in/ ఇక్కడ చాల కథలు దొరుకును. మీరు చేస్తున్న పని అబినదనీయము. ధన్యవాదాలు

    1. thanks andi rao garu melvalla naku manchi idea vachidi.

  3. kathalu baagunnai….inka konchem length penchandi kathallo…..marii short ga vunnayi.

  4. ఈ కథలు చాలా బాగున్నాయి.

  5. padma : kathalu baagunnai….inka konchem length penchandi kathallo…..marii short ga vunnayi.

    1. interesting stories sir, please inka kotha kathalu pettandi bye – venkateshwarlu

  6. Mee eee Pryatnanni memu chala enjoy chetunnamu. Maa Pillalaki pata kadalanni vinipitsutnnam. Thank u So much

  7. How can i post a story here. I want to post some good sotries here. దయచేసి అ కధలను ఎక్కడ ఎలా పోస్ట్ చేయాలో నాకు తెలియజేయండి.

  8. ధన్యవాదాలు. మీ అనుమతి కొరకు వేచి చూస్తున్నాను.

  9. కధలు చాలా బాగున్నాయి. మంచి కధలు చెప్పి నందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు.

  10. I am So Happy with this all Bcoz my baby is ask every day some stores .Iam collected this all . Thank You So much

  11. Feeling like…Chandamama kathlu malli chaduvutunnaltu vundi….really great work..

  12. Hey, I have a story to share with u. Its a story of “konga-nakka” (cranes-fox). Let me know how to share the story with you

  13. sir, maa childrens ku stories chebuthunnamu chala interesting ga undi antunnaru thanks to wordpress.com

  14. meeru telugulo chala baaga rayagalaru.Ivi print cheyinchandi

  15. Nenu chinnapudu chadivina kathalu malli vintunnaanu/chaduvuthunnanu.. Maa abbayi kosam chaala story books vethikaanu.. Kaani mi blog loni stories chadivithe.. Naa manasu malli chinnanati rojulaki vellipoyindhi

  16. Athyasagala kukka ane kadalo ‘athyasa’ ane padamulo ‘sa’ anedi tappu.’ Aaharam’ ane padamulo ‘ha’ ki deergham undali.’ Modalettindi’ ane padanni ‘Modalupettindi’ ani rasi unte baga undedi.

    1. Thank you Gowtham garu. I made the corrections. Please send more edits if you see them.

      1. Thank you for making the corections

        On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 10:40 PM, “పిట్ట కథలు, బుర్ర కథలు, ఇంకా మరెన్నో…”

  17. wonderful collection and great work. very useful. motivational stories enka vuntey bhagundu anipinchindhi. great andi……..

  18. i just remembered “pedda bala shiksha”
    Please let me know how can i share stories in this blog.

  19. chaala baagunnai. veetitO paatu general knowledge, mariyu telugu essays kalipete inka baaguntidi kadaa.

  20. really super andi enni rojulaki chala stories oke chota chusa…….super andi…..meru naku chala baga nachindi me blog……..

  21. mee prayathnaniki hatsoff anugaru, ippati pillalu mana laga chandamama kathalu chadavadaniki teerika undadam ledu, pedda vallu kuda marchipoina kathalani mee prayatnam dwara malli pillaliki stories cheppadaniki veelu avutundi. memu kuda stories share cheyyalante mee blog lo ela cheyyali. pls let me know

  22. nenu ee blog lo katha rayali anukuntunnanu ela rayalo cheppandi

    1. It would be my pleasure to include your story. Please email it to me.

  23. Mee Prayathnam abhinandaneeyam, Chinna Pillalni dhrushtilo pettukuni meeru chesthunna ee prayathnamtho chalamandi parents ki pillala kalakshepaniki kathalu kuda cheppochane manchi aalochana gurthuku vasthundi.

  24. very very thanks because of you remember my childwood days so once again thanks

  25. chaalaa baagundi naaa pillalaku upayogakaramgaa undi

  26. I like stories very much. This is the one of good sites I read stories with color pictures. Prathi katha lo neethi baaga theliparu. I am fan of this site and want to see more and more good stories to add here.

    1. Thank you so much! Sincerely appreciate your comment and encouragement.

      1. Welcome and please add some Bhethala kathalu also. I mean Question and answer type. Those are also very interesting!! And I understand your hard work. God bless you. Definitely it will reach to good audience and U r great..

      2. Awesome idea. Will do. Thanks!

      3. Bhadra garu, Bhetala kathalu starting tomorrow – will feature one new story every day all week. Please read them and give me your feedback!

      4. I have read the Bhetala stories anu. Thanks for adding those. Prathee kathaa, oka inspirational story la unnav. Keep it up.

  27. give me your mail id sir, i will send some stories in voice

    1. Sorry, this blog doesn’t use voice stories – if possible submit your stories as text. Thanks.


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